If you use the low security polls people will not have to register at all – they can vote as soon as you give them the poll web address or as soon as you link the poll or poll menu to your website. However, if you use the recommended high security polls, each person has a unique sign-in name and password. These sign-in details can be created in various ways. The most popular method is to paste in a list of email addresses and generate a unique sign-in name and password for each email automatically then use the bulk emailer to send each person sign-in details. In fact if you use email addresses you can include automatic poll sign-in links in your emails which means you can use high security polls yet people do not need to remember or even know their personal sign-in name or password. Another method which is useful when you do not have a complete email list is to invite people to visit the poll and click a register link which prompts them to create their own sign-in name and password. In this case you may also issue an access PIN to ensure that only authorized people can vote. Another way is to just paste in a pre-generated list of sign-in names and passwords.