Step 1
Election setup and testing

BigPulse Project Manager setting up your election

A project manager securely gathers the details to setup your election


  • Fill in a form with your election details:

    • Election team; Ballots; Dates; Counting method; Email schedule
    • Voter authentication; Anonymity setting; Voter accounts
    • Results reporting; Special requirements
    • Choose from a huge range of features
  • We setup your election and send you:

    • Candidate upload link so you can add your candidates
    • Bulk email template so you can prepare your election emails
    • Election dashboard
  • You’re in control

    • You can add candidates and send a test invitation-to-vote email
    • You can also review settings, ballots, emails and conduct testing with your test voters
    • Your election is finalized and ready for launch after you finish testing
  • You’re not alone

    • You will get dedicated 24/7 email support during the whole process
    • Simply click the support button on the dashboard for a prompt response
    • Support requests create an automatic email thread that includes your team and BigPulse support staff. Everyone is kept in the loop and issues never get lost.

Step 2
Voting and Monitoring

Your election is launched and your members can vote online while you monitor the election


  • Voters are sent email notification with a one-click auto-sign-in link.

  • Voters cast their vote securely and get a confirmation email with a vote receipt.

  • Scheduled reminder emails are sent to voters who have not yet voted. You can send as many reminders as you want at no extra cost.

  • You can monitor the election via the dashboard:

    • Monitor vote counts
    • See who voted
    • Re-send emails to selected voters
    • View bounced emails
    • Change/fix voter email addresses
    • Add/edit voting accounts
    • Check if a member has voting access
    • Remove voters from an electorate
    • Block and unblock voting access
    • Assign re-voting rights
    • View voter feedback
    • Check ballot configuration settings
    • Edit candidate details
    • Remove candidates from ballots
    • Show/Hide ballots (for live votes / virtual meetings)
    • Check current voters online now (to confirm quorum)
    • Release and see results for all or individual ballots
    • Send results to voters after the election closes
    • Input paper ballots
    • Check activity log
    • Send support requests
  • You will get dedicated 24/7 email support during the whole process.

Voting on mobile phone

Step 3

Election Results example

When the election closes, the votes are counted and sent to you as the final results

  • You are sent election results with participation data and a link to an optional vote verification page. The vote verification page if published allows voters to self-audit.

  • You can share the results with the voters.

  • If you are running a virtual meeting with real-time voting you can close and release results instantly for individual ballots.

  • You can access complete raw voting data for audits and analysis.

  • Voting accounts and personal data are permanently deleted 30 days after the election to protect privacy. A special BigPulse protocol enables vote data to remain because it is de-linked from any personal data.

  • To save you time and effort a previous election can be used as a template for your next election.

Don't forget

You will get dedicated 24/7 email support during the whole process, so you don’t have to worry about learning new software.

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