• Compatible with any device

  • Highly flexible and customizable

  • All major voting methods

  • Powerful election administrator tools

  • Fully hosted system, no software installs

  • Built-in top level security

  • Sophisticated auditing tools

  • Fantastic 24/7 support based in USA, EU and Australia.

Secure voting

We use the highest security standards and vote verification protocol. Voters can only vote once. Votes are secret, tamper-proof and verifiable. Your data is secure, backed-up and protected. See our Certifications >

Anonymity options

Sophisticated transparency options where voting can be absolutely anonymous or fully transparent like a show of hands or various shades in between.

Multi-factor authentication

Many voter authentication methods including all common single sign-on (SSO) remote authentication methods such as CAS, Shibboleth, SAOP, LDAP, Flexmls, Facebook and others.

One-click voting

Notify your voters via email with a unique one-click link that automatically logs them into the ballot – simply click and vote.

Voter segmentation

Group your voters and polls into as many different voting groups as you wish. You decide which polls each group of voters can access.

Accessible voting

Suitable for visually disabled, ADA 508/Section 508 compliance.

Integrated bulk emailer

Send and manage personalized emails with automatic sign-in link – voters simply click and vote. Schedule reminder emails for voters who have not yet voted.

Customizable ballots

Customize your ballots with your company logo, candidate pictures and bios, banners and font styling.


Suitable for any language and all languages simultaneously. The polls automatically default to the voter’s preferred language, or voters can choose a language.

Transparent audit and vote verification

Invented by BigPulse this process enables voters to self-audit the vote counts and verify the accurate recording of their own votes. Each voter receives a confirmation email with a unique vote receipt.

All voting methods

All major voting methods are supported: First Past The Post; Single Transferable Vote (STV) – proportional representation, preferential, instant runoff; weighted voting, cumulative voting, range voting and more.


Use nomination polls to allow candidates to self-nominate and manage the process with the Nomination Dashboard. All nomination data is automatically transferred to the voting polls after nominations close.

Candidate rotation

Use candidate rotation to remove bias caused by the order of the candidates in the ballot. Candidates are rotated upwards by one position after each vote.

Candidate write-ins

Accept candidate write-ins with ease and count write-in votes automatically. And control undervotes and overvotes automatically.

Input paper ballots

Input paper ballots, proxy holders and their proxy votes with ease. Option to use double entry to eliminate data entry errors.

Votes counted live

All votes are counted live. You can view the live vote counts via the Dashboard and in the poll result reports.

See who voted

Monitor who has voted at any time except for polls using the highest level anonymity setting.

Send reminder emails

Schedule and send reminder emails to people who have not yet voted in selected polls.

Automated feedback processing

Feedback from voters is processed automatically and administrators receive instant notifications with recommended actions.

Automated support requests

Support requests create an automatic email thread that includes your team and BigPulse project managers. Everyone is kept in the loop and issues never get lost.

GDPR compliant

We comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines when handling data originating from the EU.

Weighted voting

Allow some votes to carry more weight than others. Often used for Shareholder AGM voting. The same voter can have different weights in different polls enabling voting in companies with overlapping shareholders.

Single Transferable Vote (STV)

BigPulse has extensive experience with STV and instant-runoff voting methods, with sophisticated configuration tools.

Repeat voting

Repeat voting enables voters to change their vote a set number of times and only the last vote is counted. This can be used in all polls except when absolute anonymity is set.

Easy to use Election Dashboard

– Smart-Managed Service
After we setup your election use the Election Dashboard to easily monitor and manage key aspects of your election.

Fully featured admin

– Self-Managed Service –
Create your polls quickly with the poll-template wizard and manage your election with the fully featured Election Manager. Use sophisticated tools to configure your election the way you want it.

Multiple Administrators

Add multiple administrators with different permissions for staff and external auditors to access the election admin area. An activity log records all actions users perform.

Administrator Activity Tracking

Secure administrator access with transparent and fully auditable activity logs and change tracking.

Vote encryption

Polls can be run in encryption mode. This means all votes are encrypted not only in the transfer process to our servers but also at the moment of storing in the database on BigPulse servers.

Download vote data

Download raw vote data for audits or graphical analysis. When using anonymous voting this does not compromise the anonymity of voters.

Reporting results

Tabulated poll results are reported using a secure BigPulse URL. This shows that the vote counts are reported without risk of interference from third parties or any party with a possible interest in the outcome.

High performance

Our standard configuration will easily handle 40 parallel sessions which represents thousands of people voting simultaneously. Higher volume configurations can be created on request.

And much more

These are some of the key features and BigPulse offers much more. Have questions? Contact us >

High security online voting

BigPulse is meticulous about all aspects of security and risk management. Security is much more than 256 bit TLS/SSL encryption. It means many things such as voter authentication, data protection, vote integrity, secure anonymous voting, server reliability, access controls and much more. For more information request our security document.

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