BigPulse was founded in 2000 and specializes in high security online elections and nominations.

We are an international group with offices in the USA, Australia, Canada, UK and Spain. With over 1,000 clients in 35 countries, our technology supports 17 different languages and excels in complex, high-security elections. Our clients often comment on the outstanding flexibility and performance of the BigPulse technology and the knowledge and responsiveness of experienced election managers.

Our intensive ongoing investment in R&D has produced many voting technology innovations, such as our vote verification protocol. The most feature-rich voting technology available. The first online voting technology to fully integrate the management of secure online elections, online nominations and voter comments.

Our team is creative, loyal and meticulous about professionalism, security and integrity. All BigPulse engineers are permanent and mostly long term full-time employees of BigPulse.

BigPulse is independent. The company and key people involved have no political affiliations or interests that could compromise the independence or integrity of its activities.

Office locations
USA Tel +1 800 894 7617 2427 107th Avenue, Oakland, CA, 94603
Australia Tel +61 (0)2 9918 4270 12/6a Prosperity Parade, Warriewood (in Sydney), NSW, 2102 Postal address: PO Box 895, Avalon, NSW 2107
Canada Tel +1 800 894 7617
Spain Tel +34 910 564 271 Calle Isla Cristina 5, 28035 Madrid
UK Tel +44 (0)151 650 8796 BigPulse Europe Ltd Co No. 4846679