Voting accounts can be created in four different ways:

    1. Generate voting accounts. With this authentication method the online voting accounts are generated before people are invited to vote. You can set the sign-in names and passwords and other personal details such as name and email address with a single simple block copy and paste from a spreadsheet or CSV file upload. Alternately, generate the sign-in names and passwords automatically with random characters. If emails are included the integrated bulk emailer can be used to send people vote invitations with auto sign-in links to your polls or poll menus with a tailored timeout.
    2. Link from your website. This method can be used to run secure online votes hosted independently on the BigPulse servers, without passing any personal details of your members to the BigPulse server. This method can be used if people have existing sign-in names and passwords used to access your website or another website. A seamless auto sign-in link to your polls is placed in the website. The voting accounts are created automatically as people click the poll link. It’s highly secure, only authorized people can vote and access is not dependent on email security.
    3. Remote authentication. This is another way to use existing sign-in names and passwords. With this method you invite people to sign in directly at the sign-in page of the online ballot using their existing sign-in details. You provide a special URL that BigPulse can access to authenticate the users’ sign-in details.
    4. Issue access PINs and invite people to register to vote. You can issue voting PINs and invite people to create their own sign-in name the first time they visit a poll. This method is particularly useful when people already have a personal ID number and none of the above methods are convenient.