To verify your vote you would follow these key steps:

  1. Authorized access to vote – If you are an authorized voter, you receive an invitation-to-vote email with a secure link that authenticates you as the voter and allows you to access the ballot and submit your vote.
  2. Vote Receipt Code issued – After you submit your vote you are issued a unique ‘Vote Receipt Code’, for each ballot that you vote in. The vote receipt code is shown on a secure webpage after you vote and is also emailed to you. You can choose to have the emailed vote receipt encrypted with a password.
  3. Vote Receipt Codes are published – After the election closes and the results are published, the election administrators publish the full list of vote receipts on a Vote Verification page which is on an independent BigPulse secure URL.
  4. Vote Verification page – You can search the Vote Verification page for your vote receipt code(s), to verify that your vote was recorded accurately. View an example of a Vote Verification page >

Also see the Election vote count verification protocol >